From Strategy to Execution:

Our Versatile Capabilities

BFP is an independent
Communications company.

We do the best work with clients who are purpose driven in the quest to solve problems, impact culture and ultimately build brands. We create work that inspires people, influences culture and builds business value.

Our network comprises of 3 offices in different continents and our work spans across several industries

Everyone and everything at BFP is driven by the creativity and a core mission to build a strong and provocative relationship between purpose-driven brands and people

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We don’t just know social.

We live it. We breathe it

Our method for uncovering and nurturing a brand’s purpose is structured around five key steps, each of which plays a vital role in shaping your overall strategy.


Exploration and Learning

Discovery Research:
Finding out what’s out there.

Understanding what people think and feel.

Audience Identification:
Figuring out who we’re talking to.

Media Planning:
Deciding where and how to share our message.

Brand Strategy

Business Strategy:
Charting our path to success.
Innovation Strategy:
Creating new and exciting ideas.
Brand Management:
Taking care of our brand’s reputation.
Strategic Planning:
Making smart plans for the future.

Creating Content

Video Production:
Making videos.
Takinggreat photos.
Adding movement to pictures.
Studio Production:
Creating in a professional studio.

Creating Experiences

Vehicle Marketing:
Showcasing cars and more.
Event Design:
Planning and making events special.
Guerrilla Marketing:
Creative and surprising promotions.
Trade Show & Signage:
Setting up displays and signs.

Getting the Word Out

Digital Media:
Advertising on the internet.
Radio & Digital Audio:
Sharing audio messages.
Linear and Advanced TV:
Advertising on TV.
Out of Home:
Putting ads in public places.

Social Connection

Community Management:
Taking care of online communities.
Content Creation:
Making engaging stuff.
Social Influence:
Using popular people to spread the word.
Online Reputation:
Protecting and improving your online image.